Schools making sense of autism – LBHF schools. Part 1

Schools making sense of autism – LBHF schools. Part 1

  • February 3, 2022
    3:45 pm - 5:15 pm

This meeting is now closed for booking.  For any queries, please contact:  support@lbhflearningpartnership.com


The INSPIRE Communication & Interaction ASD Team are hosting a training opportunity. This will enable all  staff working in a Hammersmith & Fulham School to have a better understanding and awareness of Autism and the way it affects children and young people in schools.

Participants will need to register to attend each of 2 parts to the Training


Part 1 – Tuesday 1st February  3.45 – 5.15

or          Part 1 – Wednesday 2nd February  3.45 – 5.15

or          Part 1 – Thursday 3rd February  3.45 – 5.15


Part 2 – Tuesday 1st March  3.45 – 5.15

or          Part 2 – Wednesday 2nd March  3.45 – 5.15

or          Part 2 – Thursday 3rd March  3.45 – 5.15

Training taking place via Microsoft Teams (joining instructions will be sent out following the closing date and prior to the session).    The course presenters will be Specialist Teachers from INSPIRE


  • Enhance your understanding and awareness of autism and the three areas of difference that affect autistic pupils.
  • Equip you with the knowledge you need to begin to make reasonable adjustments in the way you support autistic pupils.

Following Making Sense of Autism participants will

  • Understand the importance of getting to know the pupil as an individual.
  • Approach autism as a difference rather than as a disorder or impairment.
  • Understand the importance of identifying the strengths and needs of autistic pupils.
  • Know how three areas of difference can affect autistic pupils.
  • Appreciate how important it is to listen to and learn from the perspectives of autistic pupils.
  • Reflect on and implement reasonable adjustments to support autistic pupils you work with.
  • Have knowledge and understanding of the importance of one-page profiles and how to collect information for the one-page profile
  • Access resources to support learning for Autistic children and young people



This event will be held over MS Teams.

Once registered, a link will be sent to your registered email prior to the event.