Postponed: Supporting Positive Behaviour in the Early Years

Postponed: Supporting Positive Behaviour in the Early Years

  • June 20, 2022
    2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this session has been rescheduled and will now be held on 27 June 2022.

This course offers us an opportunity to explore the importance of developing relational approaches when seeking to understand children’s behaviour and how they might communicate their emotional experiences. This course will cover:

  • the distinctions between mental health, wellbeing and social and emotional development
  • developmentally appropriate behaviours and how to support these in responsive and tuned-in ways
  • the role of the adult, environment and teaching practices in behavioural support
  • the importance of attachment informed and healing practices in developing connections with children

the ways in which we can help children move through moods, feelings and behaviours.

This is a face-to-face session and will be held at Randolph Beresford Early Years Centre