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Apr 22 2022

Central London Teaching School Hub: ECT Programme and ITT

The Early Career Teachers Programme Update Current Cohort (2021-2022)

We are now half-way through the year on the Early Career Teachers Programme in partnership with Ambition Institute. Huge thanks for all your support with embedding the programme in your schools. Please see below for reminders of key dates and programme overview:

  • ECTs should be completing one self-study module per week.
  • Mentors should be observing their ECTs and then completing a feedback and instructional coaching meeting with the guidance of StepLab using StepLab to record the notes, feedback and actions.
  • Secondary ECTs will be attending ECT Twilight 5 this half-term.
  • Primary ECTs should have attended conference 3 last week.
  • Mentors should receive a 1:1 coaching-on-coaching session if they haven’t already.
  • New starting ECTs will be expected to attend some of these events alongside September ’21 starters. Please contact us if you need more information about this.

The remaining inputs for current Year 1 ECTs can be found for your cluster on our website: TSH ECT and Mentor Input Dates  TSH ECT

April 2022 Starters – ECT Programme

We have requested that Induction Coordinators let us know if you have ECTs joining you from April 2022. If you think you may have new starting ECTs for April 2022, please let us know as soon as possible.

The Early Career Teachers Programme – Year 2

We will be gathering information from our existing schools directly relating to:

  • September 2021 starting ECTs going into year 2 of the programme.
  • New starting year 1 ECTs for September 2022.
  • In addition, we will also be able to accept ECT transfers for year 2 onto our programme from September 2022. These are ECTs that may have started their Induction period with another provider but are transferring schools after their first year of Induction.

The Early Career Teachers Programme – Year 1 September 2022 Cohort (2022-2023)

We are now gathering expressions of interest for the new cohort of ECTs who are beginning induction in September 2022 for those schools that do not already work with us for the ECF. If you anticipate that you will have ECTs in September 2022 and would like to register your interest in our programme, please complete this expression of interest form for new schools.

You can find out more about Ambition Institute’s Full Induction Programme here:

United Teaching ITT – recruitment now open

Central London TSH provides a SCITT route for trainees to gain QTS and a PGCE, through our partnership with Goldsmiths University of London. Our programme offers salaried, apprenticeship and non-salaried routes.  We are an apprenticeship provider which means there are no training fees for schools to pay. We are currently recruiting for September 2022 so please get in touch if you are interested in finding out more, including internal applications for staff who would like to gain QTS (e.g. Teaching Assistants).


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