Changes to the Early Years Qualifications List (EYQL)

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May 17 2024

A new tab has been added to the Early Years Qualifications List (EYQL).

The updated guidance explains for a qualification to be considered full & relevant (F&R) and to enable the holder to contribute staff-to-child ratios at level 3 in EY settings in England, it needs to be listed in the appropriate section based on these start dates:

  • Qualifications started on or after 1 September 2024 and before 1 September 2025 must be listed on either the post-Sept 2014 tab or the post-Sept 2024 tab. 
  • Qualifications started on or after 1 September 2025 must be listed on the post-Sept 2024 tab. 

No qualifications have been removed.  

For any questions, please submit a query via this Contact Us form, FAO Early Years Qualifications Unit.  


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