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Jan 7 2022

Dear Colleague,

To support appropriate and monitor wintertime ventilation in classrooms, please send a copy of daily CO2 readings to Corp H&S  Please click on following for template to use as a guide:  CO2

Please access the following websites for useful and practical information and guidance about CO2 monitoring in your school.Report any adverse CO2 level readings to immediately.

  1. Imperial College

Imperial College has produced a suite of materials that can be accessed at the following website

The materials provided are designed to support school leaders and classroom staff with best practice for wintertime ventilation in classrooms by explaining some of the potential benefits and best use of CO2 monitors distributed by the Department for Education.

The suite of materials contains information, guidance, designed and resources to help train staff, which include:

  • 4 videos explaining and motivating the use of CO2 monitors in classrooms
  • A simple table of the relevant CO2 levels, with a description, suggested actions, and potential consequences for each CO2 level detected
  • An A4 poster which can be printed and laminated to sit alongside the monitors in class
  • A presentation which can be edited and used as a base for staff inset training on classroom ventilation in the context of COVID mitigation.
  1. Department for Education (DfE)

Information and guidance about CO2 monitors distributed by the Department for Education (DfE) can be found here

  1. Health and Safety Executive (HSE) / National Health Service (NHS)

HSE information and guidance about the safe use and checking of CO2 monitors can be found here

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