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Jan 10 2022

Department for Education

Apply for air purifier units

All H&F early years’, primary and secondary settings, as well as special and AP settings, including SEND units who were unsuccessful in the first round distribution of 1,000 units now have the opportunity to apply for up to 5 units from 7,000 air purifier units made available by the DfE in a bid to combat the spread of the Omicron variant in state maintained schools across England and Wales. 

All H&F schools which have purchased air purifying units from the DfE’s online marketplace and meet the eligibility criteria for this scheme will be reimbursed (further clarification is being sought regarding purifiers bought elsewhere).  Schools not eligible to receive a free unit can use the DfE’s online marketplace which "will enable schools to purchase units at a suitable specification and competitive price".

All bids must be submitted ONLINE by 9am Monday 17 January 2022.

The DfE guidance advises air cleaning units may be suitable while remedial work is undertaken to address underlying ventilation issues but should not be used as a substitute for ventilation

To apply for a device early years’, primary and secondary settings will have to demonstrate:

  • A sustained high CO2 readings: (1500ppm or higher) for at least one week while the room is occupied, despite taking all measures possible to improve ventilation - such as opening a window.
  • Lengthy remedial building works are required to address poor ventilation and they cannot be completed before the end of February 2022.  
  • The application for air cleaning units is for use in designated teaching spaces where there are ventilation concerns. 

Special schools and AP settings can apply for units in teaching spaces and staff rooms.

How do schools apply?

The online application forms will close at 9am on Monday 17 January

Bids must be submitted BEFORE 9am Monday 17 January 

The forms will automatically close at the 9am deadline preventing access

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