Early Years: Linden learning: How to talk to young children about war.

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Mar 11 2022

War is a very difficult concept for children to understand and the reasons why countries go to war are even more difficult. It is important to remember that there will be groups of children who may be extra vulnerable at this time, for example, children who have already experienced trauma, children who are refugees or children who have lived experiences of violence and fighting. In addition, many children will have family members who live in Russia or Ukraine or neighbouring countries. These are the children for which this conflict will have a direct impact, and we must ensure we remain sensitive to this at all times.

It is really important that we practice compassion and are careful how we discuss the role of the Russians. We may have Russian children or children with families in Russia aswell as Ukraine. There is enough hate in the world already, our role is to love, be compassionate to everyone, and help our children feel safe and secure with us. Ensure our comments do not add to hate-speech or discriminate against one group or another.

Please click here to see leaflet for more information and to share with your parents.



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