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Jun 20 2022

Please see attached flyers re great opportunities for careers in Cyber Security from PAN: PAN Cisco NetAcad Concise PPT & 202206 PAN Cisco Flyer HF Schools

The 2 Courses currently on offer are:

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity Essentials

Please also see promotional video:

Latest News

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    FREE Family Learning Open Day At Macbeth Centre 9.7.22

    Open day event happening at the Macbeth Centre on 9th July from 10am-3pm with Free Tester classes throughout the day.

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    Educate Against Hate

    Educate against Hate; is a website full of free resources and support for Teachers and Parents /Carers to raise awareness on hate crimes, internet safety, extremism, radicalisation and many more issues affecting young people.