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Mar 9 2022

Are you interested in an Apprentice Teacher?

An apprentice primary teacher is someone who is completing their training and PGCE whilst being placed in school. They are in school for 80% of time and 20% of time engage in training. We can now offer this for the first time beyond our trust due to Teaching School Hub Status. 

What are the benefits:

  • Are in class from day 1, learning alongside an experienced teacher.
  • Can teach up to 70% in term one and up to 80% by end of the year. 
  • 20% training each week provided by United Teaching (Fridays). 
  • Enable capacity in teaching/leadership team. 
  • Can be used as a way to retain graduate TA’s as the train to be teachers.
  • School can retain strongest trainees as ECTs for the next academic year 


  • They are paid point 1 of the Unqualified Teaching Scale 
  • Their £9000 fees for QTS/PGCE are paid by the apprentice levy (this is United Teaching’s apprentice levy) 

Examples of how schools are using current trainees:

  • School A has a trainee teacher working alongside the KS1 leader. Every Wednesday and Thursday morning the Ks1 leader is out of class supporting leadership and teaching across the school whilst the trainee teacher covers the class. As the year progresses the KS leader increases time out of class.
  • School B has a trainee teacher working with a low achieving class. The trainee teacher and experienced teacher are able to do more precision and focussed teaching in smaller groups. The experienced teacher is also an ECT mentor so is able to leave class to observe and mentor the ECT. 
  • School C has a teacher due to go on maternity in January. The trainee teacher worked with this teacher for autumn term and now teaches the class 4 days a week. 

We currently have some strong candidates interested in working in London schools so if you are interested and would like to be included in recruitment sessions to see if a trainee is right for you please email:

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