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Nov 27 2023

Dear Headteacher

The Educational Psychology Service would like offer support to anyone within our school communities who may be struggling with the impact of horrific events occurring in Israel and Gaza over the past few weeks.

We are aware that there has been some very upsetting scenes, particularly those being shared over social media, which could be affecting staff, children and parents.  

We would like to offer, as part of our critical incident response, time to any school who would like to discuss a response to these issues, be it:

  • A reflective space for an individual to talk with a psychologist
  • A meeting to discuss how to work with children who may be presenting with questions, concerns and anxieties linked to the conflict
  • Support/Advice for parents in supporting their children.

Please also see below some resources that you might find helpful. We would recommend you have a discussion with your EP as to how these might best be used.

Talking to Children About War and Conflict - Guidance for Teachers (1)

Talking to Children About War and Conflict - Guidance for Parents (2)

Workbook for Primary (1)

Workbook for Secondary (2)

Kind regards

Erik Dwyer

(Principal Educational Psychologist)

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