Summer 2022 ECT Induction update 2

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May 20 2022

Summer Term 2022 - ECT induction update 2

1)  End of Year 1 assessment for ECTs

 This is to remind you about the summer term assessment deadline and how to prepare for this. For most ECTs (September starters registered with Hammersmith and Fulham AB), this will be the first formal induction assessment point.

The due date is 11th July. The reviews are available to access on ECT Manager from the 1st July.

Please ensure that this date is in relevant diaries and all parties (ECT, Tutor and Headteacher) can complete and digitally sign the assessments and meet the deadline for report submission. The AB’s assessment review panel meets the following day and school adviser colleagues are allocating valuable time to support this process. If there is a reason that a report will be late, please let the AB ECT coordinator know in advance.

A formal lesson observation, and formal professional review meeting (where all evidence of progress across the year is reviewed) is statutorily required and informs the assessment and the school’s judgement of progress against the Teachers’ Standards. Both the formal lesson observation (LO) with written feedback, and review meeting should be undertaken by the designated induction Tutor. The LO may be a co-observation.

The observation focus and dates of this and the review meeting agreed with all parties in school and scheduled well in advance of the report due date. The Tutor should liaise with the Mentor in relation to gathering evidence of progress, but the responsibility for ECT assessment rests with the Tutor.

Assessment report format

The assessment report is set out so that the ECT’s progress can be indicated against each of the 8 Teachers’ Standards in Part 1, and includes Part 2, Personal and Professional conduct. The content of the report should be evaluative, descriptive and use examples which qualify the statements being made. It should draw on evidence which arises from observations of teaching and the impact of the ECT’s teaching practice.

The tutor who is responsible for completing the report is asked to identify areas for development (all ECTs) in relation to the Teachers’ Standards. They will be asked to indicate whether or not the ECT is making satisfactory progress towards meeting the Teachers’ Standards for the successful completion of induction. There is no pass or fail judgement at this stage, only a progress judgement.

If the ECT is not making satisfactory progress, an individualised support programme should be developed and agreed with the ECT for Term 4, and shared with the AB by uploading this document in the ECT’s area of ECT Manager for the start of the following term.


What happens if there has been more than 29 days absence during Year 1?

If an ECT has had more than 29 days of non-Covid related absence in Year 1 of induction this will result in an automatic extension. This will be served at the beginning of the following year and continue for the length of the total absence in Year 1.

The ECT will continue to require a 10% ECT timetable reduction for the length of the extension, and the formal Year 1 assessment will be done at the end of that time. The date of the assessment will be adjusted once it is known what the total absence is by the end of this term. The ECT will need to continue following the ECF programme catching up on any modules they have missed during their absence.

Please advise if any Covid related absence has been recorded on ECT Manager, as the guidance has changed during the course of the year and we’ll need to adjust.

2)       Induction Tutor briefings

An online session on Thursday, 30th June, 4-5pm for induction tutors and leads in schools with ECTs who will be serving the second year of induction in 2022-23.

For the course description and to book a place click on the links below:

Induction Tutor briefing for schools with September 2021 ECTs

An online session on Wednesday, 6th July for induction tutors and leads in schools with new Year 1 ECTs who will be serving the first year of induction in 2022-23, or who will have a double cohort (Year 1 and Year 2 ECTs)

Induction Tutor briefing for schools with new ECTs for September 2022

Contact details:

Julie Shaw ECT Coordinator for Hammersmith and Fulham

Mob: 07739 314 185 Email:



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