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Jun 30 2022

This is an excellent opportunity to join The Hammersmith Society, who recently celebrated their 60th anniversary and are Hammersmith’s only borough-wide dedicated amenity society.  Membership includes both individuals and affiliated local groups interested in the built and natural environment in Hammersmith. 

The Hammersmith Society campaign and work with public, local and national authorities for improvements to the townscape. Their area of interest is the Metropolitan Borough of Hammersmith and this includes, from the time the society was created in 1962,  approximately the upper 8 wards of the current London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

Main areas of activity are:

  • Planning
  • The Environment
  • Community participation and consultation
  • Transport
  • Homes
  • Open Spaces
  • Employment opportunities
  • And many more…

The Society are actively interested on behalf of all Hammersmith residents and workers in such matters as proposals for new development schemes, the preservation of beautiful buildings and their surroundings, parks and trees, the use of open spaces, the Hammersmith stretch of the Thames, the problems of road traffic and parking, noise and pollution, etc. and they also work closely with the Hammersmith & Fulham Historic Buildings Group and other affiliated groups

For further information regarding the society, please go to their website, which includes  links to latest news:

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To Join the Society, please click on the following link:

For those potential members who may find it easier to dip their toes in the water via social media pages, please see  Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Latest News

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    Consultation for the Early Intervention Strategy

    The public consultation for the Early Intervention Strategy is now live. We are seeking responses from professionals, parents/carers and young people