The Power of Representation: LGBTQ+ 8 February 2022

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Jan 25 2022

The Learning Partnership is excited to announce the launch of The Power of Representation Inclusion group (TPoRI). 

Following on from our black history event in December 2021, this session scheduled to be held on 8 February 2022, at 3.45pm, will support our teachers with LGBTQ+ curriculum design and an opportunity to share resources via the Learning Partnership curriculum hub. 

Through TPoRI and with your help, we at the Learning Partnership will create an inclusion manifesto which will shape the future of our curriculum across all subject areas and support the rich and diverse community in which we work. Our teaching workforce brings with it a diverse set of perspectives and, together, we can share our experiences and empower the workforce to deliver a curriculum with enhanced understanding and which celebrates our differences.

The Learning Partnership will do this through a series of sessions which will be created by you and tailored to your needs.  We will also invite speakers from different backgrounds to share their experiences and provide our schools with their creativity, knowledge and understanding.  This will help us to embed key principles in our educational offerings and facilitate communications with our families.

Some of the areas we will be exploring during these TPoRI sessions are:

  • Race
  • Disability
  • LGBTQ,
  • Language
  • Family structure (nuclear, single parent, extended family, etc.) and • Topics of social significance (homelessness, incarceration, immigrant/refugee status, etc.)
  • The Learning Partnership officially invites you to nominate your workforce to attend our initial TPoRI session where we will support you in exploring inclusion within your school. Going forward, these sessions will provide knowledge and confidence to our teaching workforce and create a safe space to share without judgement.

This is a grassroots led programme and has the support of Jan Parnell , Director of Education as project sponsor.

Please click here to register for this event

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