EY: Applications from 12 May: DfE further update – Please share with families

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May 10 2024

Please see message from DfE below: 

Last week we sent out information regarding the opening of applications for children 9 months and older on Sunday 12 May. We’re sharing a couple of extra updates here to respond to questions:  

Checking codes:
Parents and providers should verify eligibility codes before the child takes up the new place. We expect every parent taking up a place from the start of the autumn term to have their code validated ahead of their start date.

Reconfirmations for parents receiving Tax-Free Childcare: 

As the letter we sent last week set out, parents who already receive Tax-Free Childcare, who reconfirm before 12 May, and whose next reconfirmation window opens on or after 9 June will receive letters from HMRC with temporary codes by 24 May. The letter also set out that parents with reconfirmation windows opening before 9 June will not receive a letter, as their reconfirmation window will open in good time for them to reconfirm and receive a digital code and give it to their provider. 

A couple of LAs pointed out that what happens to this latter group of parents was not set out clearly in the Q&A copied under the letter.  

We've copied the correct version of this Q&A below and corrected it in the attached version of the letter. Please use this updated version of the letter. Parents FAQ May 2024

What if my reconfirmation window opens before the 9 June? 

If your reconfirmation window opens before the 9 June you will not receive a letter, as your reconfirmation window will open in good time for you to reconfirm and receive a digital code, and give it to your provider. We’re confident that all eligible parents will be able to get codes by the time they need them, and there is no limit on the number of codes available. 


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