EY: Update for parents on parental leave returning to work – Please share with families

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May 17 2024

Applications are now open for working parents with children aged 9 months or older by August 31st.

  • Parents need to apply here, and they will then receive a letter in the post within 1 to 2 weeks so they can access their childcare entitlement. 
  • If a parent is applying for childcare for an older child, who is not the reason for their parental leave, they can apply regardless of their return-to-work date. 

Please share this information and the following dates for applications:

If you plan to return to work before September 30th apply now. This entitlement will start in September. Please note due to a system issue a few parents are receiving an error message on the online application system that incorrectly says they are ineligible. Parents returning to work before the end of September can ignore this message. They will still receive a letter in the post from HMRC within 2 weeks of applying, allowing them to access their entitlement code. 

If you plan to return to work between October 1st and January 31st apply from September 1st. This entitlement will commence in January.

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