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Our rationale for offering the service

  • Many of the behavioural issues that children exhibit can be a direct result of early life trauma and so managing this must involve a trauma-based approach, not just behaviour management.
  • Our offer focuses on the provision of support for pastoral care, behavioural issues, attendance concerns and challenges within pupils’ homes.
  • Our services reduce the potentially damaging impact of early life toxic stress. Reducing the impact of toxic stress caused by early life trauma, often called Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s), is key to maximizing the chances of good physical, mental and emotional health.

Our offer  

We will provide a bespoke service and audit of a school, as well as consultation, guidance and recommendations on implementing a trauma informed approach to help address attendance and behavioural issues within your student body. This will include a programme of support for children requiring extra support

Our model


We will:


Practitioner:   1 day per week for 38 weeks

Investment:   £11,400 + VAT per school

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